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We keep ourselves on a variety of platforms. Please feel free to add us!

Encrypted platforms are preferred to unencrypted ones. Otherwise, they're ordered by preference - email is only at the top due to its ubiquity. Most encrypted chat platforms don't allow you to compare your keys in-software, with an ease of use feature like copying and pasting text comparison, a QR code, etc. We believe this to be a frustrating mistake, and have thus added a verification tool for all our encrypted chats.

What about [your favorite chat app]?

Short answer, we're opinionated. Here's some explanations for common ones.

Encrypted Messaging


Our username is! When using Riot, you'll want to use "legacy verification" to verify these fingerprints. Riot's help page is sparse on details, but you're welcome to ask us for help.



Ifou 38be jD1D 4dCu HS/M dN+g ceru rJDH pxT6 Keyx FOg


7t0C /ksD PQgR BL8P zw5l YvPT nUsj uncV 0kKc +UwQ Lj8
Callie (Laptop)


rtzW Kpal VcJn 0js3 DNCm CM4q QV5D k8p5 nOJc 2dbS rX4


Our username is @Fidgetcetera, and you can follow Wire's official instructions on how to verify pawprints.

Wire for Linux

(ID: 18 CC 17 32 9E 1F F3 39)

91 9e 45 79 38 74 1c 1f e8 3c ce dc 54 92 88 70 af 53 a1 36 70 37 1e de 74 4a 94 fd 86 a1 bd 4e
Wire for Linux

(ID: AC A7 56 97 DF C9 03 D2)

aa c8 4e a4 a4 6e 4d b3 f6 0b 8a ae 52 4a f9 df c9 3d e8 f8 0b 74 c4 e6 80 d3 f1 48 6d 16 97 99
Wire for Linux

(ID: 21 A9 E0 F3 4C 98 11 0D)

af 7e 5a 4d 5f 46 08 a7 55 d6 c7 98 ec bf af 61 ed 10 f4 b8 5c 72 02 09 f2 dd 0b 41 ec bb 21 b5
Google Pixel 2

(ID: C3 78 BD 49 20 04 31 5D)

c2 9d 41 ed 38 f3 66 c1 15 3f 4d bd 5a e0 c7 1f dc 25 46 aa 9d 47 4f b2 8b 7f 63 2d 0d d7 56 ee


Our username is, and we use OMEMO encryption. The way to verify these pawprints varies per app.

Gajim on Artemis (our desktop) 77AF7A19 5AA7E507 FD987C3D EEAFB403 1705D5D4 2F3E6EC9 D0C8A9CE F8CC2D2A
Gajim on Jenny (our laptop) 5D828609 A8B36A8E AB13F163 ECC8C8DA CDC898D9 C7E522DC 3CC3AAA9 D976AF05
Conversations on Paige (our phone) 7FACCD81 93F1C843 49D15CFA 05359C01 2BE7FA11 7CA7CCD0 33A270C7 0610604C
Gajim on Callie (our other laptop) CAA2AE90 787A8034 4662A8E3 BDF13DD9 D1D6EA20 6A75DD2E 86D8B879 55E1954D

Unencrypted Messaging

Discord Weld (Fidgetcetera)#9356
Steam Fidgetcetera/The Weld System