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⚠ Content warnings: a poem of apologies


sorry, sorry. we’re really sorry.

gods we’re sorry. sorry ;; sorry to ask for help but


we’re sorry, we just,

hey ace? it’s okay.

Tags: , posted on 30 September 2019

a glimpse of zero

⚠ Content warnings: pain and medical stuff

we decided to write some poetry while we were in pain in the shower this morning:

“On a scale from one to ten,

how much pain are you in?”

what is ten?

“One is next to nothing,

and ten is the worst you have experienced.”

how can there be anything but one?

in what universe does anything even fairly reach one fifth of the most pain we have felt?

what is a scale from one to ten when you are constantly in pain?

when your baseline of a good day is when you went to the kitchen and it felt like you did 20 squats to get there?

what is zero? what does a lack of pain feel like?

we have forgotten that feeling.

we catch glimpses of zero.

our brain spares us.

dissociates from all bodily sensation.

we lose time, we lose focus, but, for a moment,

at least we lose some feeling of pain.

it’s a ghost now.

a pain like hearing muffled music

a glimpse of zero

Tags: , , posted on 12 April 2019