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Extra info: Some commissioned work for One More Before We Go, a one-page tabletop game by Fabby-Ann Garza, created from a photograph we took of a fire. Photo titles are the effects applied to the image via audacity.

There are 5 pieces of art with this tag!

One More Before We Go: Treble

a fire, exaggerated. the logs are blues and pinks and greens, the edges of the fire stretch to the entire image, while the center maintains a usual shape, with what almost looks like eyes and a screaming mouth.

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One More Before We Go: Tempo Down

staticky lines of pixels. they start black, fade into a mix of green and blue, then to light orange, then to a band of dark orange all the way down, almost like a sunset.

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One More Before We Go: Reverb and Echo

a hard to recognize fire, messy with green centers and sections repeating and looking almost shaken. the ground is grey and black and static, ash without form.

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One More Before We Go: Phaser

a fire, with glitchy horizontal lines stretched across it, discoloration turning logs green and ember's edges pink.

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One More Before We Go: Echo

a fire on sticks and logs, but the center is green, almost translucent while ewbers and tips glow red and orange.

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