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Digital drawing of the surface of a planet at night, with loose, thick brushstrokes showing sea anenome-like purple thick grass, and two moons in the sky, one obscured by the horizon, the other higher. The higher moon is partly dark, in a waning gibbous phase. There's also a large nebula in the distant sky.

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Beholster Sketch

a roughly sketched creature who is a big ball with one giant eye and one giant mouth, waggling 6 different tentacle arms, grinning with two teeth at the front.

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Shifter WIP

a faceless white humanoid figure leaning against the wall on one foot, the other in front of their leg. they have on blue jeans with a belt, black shoes, and a light grey tank top exposing just a little bit of tummy, with hair tied back into a short ponytail.

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Nemmy Nyms with Blue Hair

a messy sketch of an anthropomorphic lynx bust with shoulder length blue hair and grey fur on hir body, sticking hir tongue out.

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many eyes

6 small, simple purple eyes looking in different directions placed randomly around one large eye looking directly at the viewer

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Nurture Saplings

a grey humanoid robot's left hand holding a little bit of dirt and a tiny sapling with a few leaves on it, palm-up, fingers outstretched.

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Suckerpunch Sketch

a sad girl looking down with big horns, sharp fangs, and strong eyebrows, as well as kinda short hair and glowing eyes, sketched in pencil.

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Butt Sketch

Green outlined warning triangle with a white center, and a large black exclamation mark inside it.

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Paige Fern

white girl with curly ginger hair and very blushy cheeks and freckles, smiling and wearing a green shirt and backpack.

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a fish girl, with blue skin and fins instead of ears, red eyebrows, and a big red ponytail. she also has an eyepatch, a pair of fangs, a smug expression, and gills, and the shoulder straps of a tank top.

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