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Art with tag: black hole

Extra info: Glitch art of the Messier 87 black hole, photo credit of course belongs to the Event Horizon Telescope team's collaboration.. Photo titles are the effects applied to the image via audacity.

There are 3 pieces of art with this tag!

Messier 87 Black Hole: Wahwah and Echo

a blob in greyscale with horizontal lines stretching across it, like repeatedly swiping rightward across wet paint. there's a bright blobby bit inside the blob, and a hole in the middle.

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Messier 87 Black Hole: Reverb

a red blob, with messy glowing red bits stretched around it and in its donut-like center, with similarly messy green and yellow bits inside the blob.

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Messier 87 Black Hole: Echo and Distortion

a red outlined nearly circular blob on a black background, with a black missing center near the top, and a smaller stretchy green blob inside that.

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