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traumatic neuroma album art

a harsh, deep red, heavily compressed and messy looking square image. handwritten atop it is 'traumatic neuroma' and 'it fucking hurts', with our sigil of two triangles overlapping in the bottom left.

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novembeat 19 album art

Photo of trees from below, with strongly distorted colors and a warping effect like scanlines. The trees still look green, but the sky is harsh oranges and greens and some blues, a distorted reality. Hastily written in a transparent digital brush is 'novembeat '19' in the top left, 'by passerine' in the bottom left.

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Loose Changeling EP Cover Art

a glitchy collage of heavily distorted newspaper stands, magazines, and rows of TVs with news reporting going on them.

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Patterns Cover

a glitched out photo of a sunset with clouds and powerlines overhead, and a black landscape below. the clouds have distorted bits of greens and reds stretched across them, with other smatterings of random colors around the bands of light from the sunset.

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