Art by the Weld system

Cathode Church Background

abstract pattern looking like purple and blue leaves or fragments of something, with distortions and ripples throughout. it's square and would tile neatly.

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Alternate Cathode Church Background

A pink and green and red and blue mess of waggly distorted lines. Just a real visual mess. Is square and tiles well, though.

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traumatic neuroma album art

a harsh, deep red, heavily compressed and messy looking square image. handwritten atop it is 'traumatic neuroma' and 'it fucking hurts', with our sigil of two triangles overlapping in the bottom left.

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Digital drawing of the surface of a planet at night, with loose, thick brushstrokes showing sea anenome-like purple thick grass, and two moons in the sky, one obscured by the horizon, the other higher. The higher moon is partly dark, in a waning gibbous phase. There's also a large nebula in the distant sky.

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novembeat 19 album art

Photo of trees from below, with strongly distorted colors and a warping effect like scanlines. The trees still look green, but the sky is harsh oranges and greens and some blues, a distorted reality. Hastily written in a transparent digital brush is 'novembeat '19' in the top left, 'by passerine' in the bottom left.

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